Prof. Ofer M. Shir

I am interested in learning and optimization questions related to systems within the Natural Sciences. Specifically, my fields of interest encompass Statistical Learning within Optimization and Deep Learning in Practice, Self-Supervised Learning, Algorithmically-Guided Experimentation, Combinatorial Optimization and Benchmarking (White/Gray/Black-Box), Quantum Optimization and Quantum Control.

Associate Professor of Computer Science, Computer Science Department, Tel-Hai College.
Principal Investigator, Computational Intelligence Group, Migal-The Galilee Research Institute.


  • The C++ Programming Language (121503; Fall)
  • Introduction to Computational Intelligence (199811; Fall)
  • Advanced Topics in Object-Oriented Programming (199414; Spring)
  • Workshop on Operations Research and Optimization Methods (199833; Spring)

Algorithmically-Guided Scientific Discoveries (Migal's Talk, 2021):

Series of lectures on Evolutionary Computation (in Hebrew; taught in 199811 Fall 17-18):

Recent meetings:

Dagstuhl 23251 Seminar, June 2023                      GECCO'22 Boston MA, USA, July 2022
Dagstuhl-23251 GECCO-2022