Prof. Ofer M. Shir

I am interested in learning and optimization questions related to systems within the Natural Sciences. Specifically, my fields of interest encompass Statistical Learning in Theory and in Practice, Experimental Optimization, Theory of Randomized Search Heuristics, Scientific Informatics, Natural Computing, Computational Intelligence in Physical Sciences, Quantum Control and Quantum Machine Learning.

Head, Computer Science Department, Tel-Hai College.
Principal Investigator, Computational Intelligence Group, Migal-The Galilee Research Institute.


  • The C++ Programming Language (121503; Fall)
  • Introduction to Computational Intelligence (199811; Fall)
  • Advanced Topics in Object-Oriented Programming (199414; Spring)
  • Workshop on Operations Research and Optimization Methods (199833; Spring)

Algorithmically-Guided Scientific Discoveries (Migal's Talk, 2021):

Series of lectures on Evolutionary Computation (in Hebrew; taught in 199811 Fall 17-18):

Recent meetings:

GECCO'18 Kyoto, July 2018                      CA15140, Potsdam, March 2018
GECCO-2018 15140-March2018

Dagstuhl 17191 Seminar, May 2017                FOGA, January 2017
Dagstuhl-17191 FOGA-2017